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TWELVE GARDENS LTD. is a landscape design / build / maintenance firm located in new york city.

MISSION: to create serene, inviting, exciting garden spaces for clientele by cross-pollinating landscape design with other art forms and up-to-date research in environmental psychology, resulting in peaceful, well-constructed spaces which support both human and ecological well-being.

PROJECT locations include manhattan, brooklyn, d.c., baltimore, boston and los angeles with a focus on urban landscape design, from rooftop to ground. a full-service firm, twelve gardens ltd. provides design, approvals, construction (including carpentry, masonry, metalwork and gardening), and garden care services.

TWELVE GARDENS LTD. is a member of the society for ecological restoration, the ecological landscaping alliance, the association of professional landscape designers, and green roofs for healthy cities. in 2015 & 2018, twelve gardens ltd. helped organize the north american green roofs and green walls conference, cities alive (a conference of green roofs for healthy cities).

kate turney

KATE has been designing and constructing city gardens for 15 years.

TRAINED in landscape design at new york botanical garden, kate has worked as a landscape designer, project manager and installation supervisor in manhattan & brooklyn since 2005. she has studied with john brookes and other master landscape designers and is a certified green roof professional. 

WITH A BROAD industry background, kate first worked with a 140 year-old, fifth-generation plants nursery in the maryland countryside, where many new introductions were recommended by the renowned horticulturalist wolfgang oehme. in addition to landscape design, project management and construction, her broad industry knowledge includes green roof design and navigating the red tape to get clients the city gardens that they want (board, dob, and landmarks approvals).

KATE studied fine arts, languages and international relations for 6 years in france and egypt before transitioning to horticulture and landscape design.


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