North American Green Roofs Conference Is Coming to Town🌱🌿🍀

A Twelve Gardens Ltd. Brooklyn green roof.

A Twelve Gardens Ltd. Brooklyn green roof.

Cities Alive, the annual North American green roof and walls conference, will be coming to Brooklyn this year from September 24-28.

Organized by Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, the Toronto-based nonprofit advocating for green roofs, walls and living architecture, the 16th annual Cities Alive will include tours of amazing NYC green roofs, presentations of research, a design track, and trade show. 

Want to tour some of the city's sensational green roofs? Pre-register here :

Green roofs and walls are a first line of defense for cities whose storm water management is already overtaxed, helping to collect rainfall and store it on roofs as irrigation. They help modulate temperatures of buildings, lowering energy costs, and also help clean the air of particulates. What's more, they offer biophilic benefits: improved well-being, reduced stress and even improved productivity for people who live or work with a view of them.

The Twelve Gardens Ltd. team is happy to be helping organize this event once again this year!